A wise man once said that “I think, therefore I am.” I’m going to take that a step further:

I code, therefore I am!

If that didn’t make things clear enough, I love coding, and it is in large part responsible for who I am today. Ever since I was first introduced to coding in high school, I have always been amazed its seeming simplicity (e.g. you don’t have to write full sentences) and how it is capable of creating so much of the world as we know it (like this website!).

The first Alexa device I ever received was the Echo Dot, and it too had the same fascination for me. It’s a relatively small device, but it is capable of doing so much. And to be honest, we’re only just getting started in terms of unlocking its capabilities. Who knows what fascinating skills we’ll see in the future?

I hope you enjoy browsing this site and are even convinced to try out a skill or two that are listed here. Comments and suggestions are of course always welcome!