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Welcome to Python ! This section will teach you the basics of the Python programming language, a language that is used by millions of people around the world!

For anyone who is learning to code for the first time, this is an excellent language to start with because the grammar and syntax is relatively intuitive.

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There exist many excellent resources for playing around with Python without having to even download it. One that I would recommend is trinket.io.

If you wish to download Python on your computer, I would recommend installing Miniconda. In addition to giving you a fully functional Python installation, it also gives you a package manager for updating your installation very quickly if you intend to use the language long term for purposes beyond this tutorial.

There are a bunch of other benefits, but I won’t elaborate on them here and leave you to discover as you continue your journey with Python. :)

Table of Contents

Below is the table of contents. You are more than welcome to navigate between the lessons as you so choose, but you are encouraged to follow them in order.